About Brown Machine


About Brown Machine

Brown Machine Thermoforming machines designing, manufacturing, and servicing thermoforming equipment

Much More Than Machines

In 1952, when Gaylord Brown was working for his father
in a small welding shop in Beaverton, Michigan, he was approached to build a production thermoforming machine for a local company that was working with the Dow Chemical Company. Dow was convinced their polystyrene material could be used to form inner refrigerator door panels. However, speed was the issue, and in order to make this application successful, the plastic parts needed to be formed faster than metal could be stamped.

Thus began the evolution of pioneer Gaylord Brown’s ideas into thermoforming machines. In order to speed up the thermoforming process, he designed the very first multiple station rotary machine. Quickly following this success, Gaylord designed and built the first in-line (continuous) thermoforming machine. These two design concepts established the foundation for thermoforming machinery that is still being produced.

Today, the name Brown continues to be synonymous with thermoforming. Continuous improvement has elevated Brown Machine to the leadership position it enjoys. Over 150 highly skilled employees are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and servicing thermoforming equipment with the same passion Gaylord Brown brought to work everyday.

The Brown Machine staff is a unique blend of experienced industry veterans who mentor with younger staff. At Brown Machine, it’s all about creating a dynamic workplace where ideas flow and technological advancements flourish.

At Brown Machine, we are solution seekers. Our strategic relationship with the plastics industry for decades has provided us a wealth of knowledge about both the materials and process of thermoforming. In our development lab, we simultaneously evolve both product and process. That gives us a unique ability to better understand how to push the process window and maximize production levels with both Cut Sheet thermoforming machines and Continuous thermoforming machinery.

By developing and engineering the most significant technological advancements in the thermoforming industry over the last half century, Brown Machine is the established benchmark that other thermoforming machinery manufacturers are constantly comparing themselves to. That’s the Brown Machine advantage. We want to put it to work for you.


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