B-Series Continuous Thermoforming Machine


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B-Series Continuous Thermoforming Machine

B-Series Continuous Thermoforming Machine
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Brown’s Complete Pellet-to-Product Thermoforming System

The B-Series is a pellet-to-product thermoforming system designed to produce hundreds of thousands of parts per hour while saving energy and operating costs at the same time. Raw plastic pellets enter an extruder, a sheet of material is extruded and then enters a series of conditioning rollers, from the continuous sheet thermoformed parts are formed and trimmed, and an automated handling system packages thefinished product. The goal is manufacturing sustainability, and the B-Series features many innovations toachieve that goal. Instead of a four or five-stop oven, the B-Series only needs a two-stop oven because the conditioning rolls help maintain material core temperature and keep it close to forming temperature. Thisdesign cuts oven energy consumption by more than one half, and alsoeliminates the need and cost for a separate roll stand.
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Brown Machine provides the turnkey system including blending, extrusion, tooling, temperature control,granulation, and automated product handling systems. These systems are configured to produceproduct in a wide variety of materials including HIPS, APET, Polypropylene and PLA.

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