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C-Series Continuous Thermoforming Machine


C-Series Continuous Thermoforming Machine
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Industry-Proven Durability At A Great Price

Brown Machine's C-Series thermoformers offer an entry level machine with exceptional productivity, consistent performance and rugged durability. This thermoforming machine reflects over 50 years of improvements and refinements in design and construction, and utilizes the latest in high-speed web fed thermoforming technology. The C-Series continuous thermoforming machines are capable of processing either rigid or foam materials with equal capability. A rugged and reliable form station incorporates top and bottom platens actuated by pneumatic toggle assemblies for powerful and repeatable motions. With various oven heater and control capabilities and equipped with an array of standard options, these formers can produce virtually any in-line thermoformable product out of virtually any thermoformable material.

When interfaced with Brown Machine's Trim Presses, Lip Rollers, Product Handlers, Tooling and process services, we provide a complete product / process solution.


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