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CS-Quad Series Continuous Thermoforming Machine

CS Quad-Series Continuous Thermoforming Machines
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Brown’s New Quad Series High-Tech Thermoformers

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The CS-Quad Series thermoformers are the very pinnacle of the Brown Machine product line. CS-Quad Series machines come fully-equipped with a variety of premium features that ensure both high-performance and the highest production quality.

The cornerstone of this line is Brown’s new Quad forming station that produces more precise and consistent parts than ever thought possible. How has Brown done it? With up to 260 tons of holding force and 150 tons of coining force, and virtually zero deflection across the entire mold area. This combination of continuous thermoforming technology with stamping (coining) technology enables the Quad Series machines to produce highly detailed parts at high-speed and maintain very tight material thickness tolerances.

The frame, toggles, platens and drive assemblies can withstand tremendous force without deflection.Eachplaten is driven by a servo motor and has four mechanical toggle assemblies that are thermoforming machinescorner-guided byfour linear bearings. The toggles are strategically positioned on a honeycomb platen design to eliminate deflection and guarantee consistent material distribution across the complete mold area, up to 64” x 64”. Symmetrical drive loads throughout the toggle linkages and drive system eliminate all over hung loads. The Quad Series is also available with Brown’s patented roller screw third motion technologythat improves material distribution, reduces starting gauges, and providesagreater process window.

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