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SR-Series Continuous Thermoforming Machine

SR-Series Continuous Thermoforming Machine
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The Brown SR Series: The High Power Package For Packaging

Brown Machine offers a complete range of pneumatic driven thermoforming machinery with pneumatic rule/forged high die trimming for blister packs, medical trays, food packaging and other thermoformed products. These thermoforming products feature a linear guided form station with high tonnage pneumatic toggles and heavy duty trim stations that develop 75 tons of trim force and are solidly integrated into the frame. The trim station is supported on linear bearing rails with a X-Y-W adjustment to allow adjustingwhile operating. The trim force is generated by Brown Machine’s proprietary wedge action. A touchscreenHMIwith PLC controls both machine and oven controls, and a high torque electric servo motor allows for fast and reliable sheet indexing. For rapid sheet width adjustment, a splined drive shaft and thermoforming machinesmotorized chain rails are available along with pneumatic chain tensioners.

A clam shell oven with various heater and zone configurations provide optimum material heat control.

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