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SRS-Series Continuous Thermoforming Machine

Continuous Thermoforming Machine
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High Speed, Inline Forming with Precise, Servo-Actuated,
Rule/High Die Trimming for Extended Die Life

A complete range of servo driven thermoforming machinery with servo rule/forged high die trimming for blister packs, medical trays, food packaging, and a variety of other thermoformed products. Independent acting, servo-controlled top and bottom platens are guided on linear bearings, coupled with rugged mechanical linkage for fast, smooth, precise and repeatable linear motion of the form station. The trim station’s independent upper platen incorporates the same design as the form station with the lower platen driven by a servo actuated wedge to develop the trim force. Servo trim actuation provides exact repeatable trim positioning and force resulting in extended die life.

An open architecture control system makes operation and control of the complete thermoforming system user-friendly. Trim station adjustment is easy via linear rails, and a high-speed servo index system adds more precision. The clam shell oven has various heater and zone configurations to provide optimum material heat control, assuring the highest quality end-products with the least amount of scrap. Designed and engineered for easy access to the thermoforming machine and quick form and trim tooling changeovers.

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