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VersaForm Series Continuous Thermoforming Machine

Continuous Versaform
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Designed and Engineered Specifically to Address the Production Needs of Global Plastic Thermoforming Companies

VersaForm is a machine designed for international thermoformers with control, power, durability, and operational flexibility built into a space-saving footprint. Many state-of-the-art Brown technical advancements come standard this VersaForm continuous model. Available in FT (Form/Trim) and FTS (Form/Trim/Stack) versions with a mold area of 762mm x 570mm (30.0” x 22.4”), both models include as a standard feature Form/Cut-in-place and Form/Independent Trim capabilities. Other features include:

  • A forming area sized to meet global output requirements
  • Designed to accommodate quicker tool changeovers, and faster production set-up times
  • Shut-height dimensions accommodate existing mold packages
  • “Form-down” thermoforming process
  • Form/Cut-in-Place and Form/Independent Trim capabilities
  • Metric dimensions and metric fasteners
  • Components from the leading brands of global suppliers
  • Competitively priced and backed by quality parts and service

VersaForm incorporates many of the same features found on the wide-bed Brown Quad Series® machines, including:

  • Independent Form/Trim/Upstacker Stations
  • Quad-Series Design form and trim stations
  • Independent Roller Screw Third Motion Technology as an option
  • Two Trimming Methods– 40 tons of trim force (and optional 70 tons), and Form with Independent Trim with 70 tons of trim force
  • Non-Proprietary Integrated Smart Control® System Software
  • Dual High Torque Servo Electric Index System
  • Full-Open Clam Shell Oven with Balanced Oven Temperature
  • Fully Adjustable Upper and Lower water-cooled plates are available as an option
  • Many Servo Features such as servo X-Y-Z trim adjust, servo upstacker, and servo valves.
  • CE conformity

thermoforming machinesPut all of these innovative features together and you have the VersaForm, a high-speed continuousthermoforming machine in a compact, powerful, and precise package engineered to meet the needs of a worldwide marketplace.

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