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S-Series Pressure/Twin Sheet Shuttle Thermoformer

S-Series Pressure/Twin Sheet Shuttle Thermoforming machines
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Uncompromising Performance and Detail

The most precise and repeatable multi-station pressure and twin sheet shuttle thermoforming equipment available. A horizontal sheet car indexes the cut-to-size sheets through load/unload, heat and form stations.

In addition to the variety of forming processes on the vacuum equipment, these thermoforming machines provide the addition of pressure, twin sheet and in-mold trimming capabilities to produce thermoformed products with extreme detail, faster cycle times and complex configurations.

High Pressure Models with non-proprietary computerized control, high speed electric direct drive platen systems, air bag or hydraulic squeeze system, precisely located bayonet’s, high watt density energy efficient ovens and controls, electric shuttle car, multiple clamp frame options and high flow pneumatics are available to your exact specification.

Ultimate Pressure models provide even lower deflection at higher pressure for the ultimate in product detail and flatness.

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