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Single Station LR-1 Lip Roller

LR-2000 & LR-2000S Lip Rollers
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A Single Station Lip Roller Designed for Product Evaluation

The LR-1 is a cost effective lab environment machine that allows evaluation and testing of lip rolled containers prior to the investment of multi-cavity tooling and production lip rolling screws. The lip rolling process is initiated by positioning a round container on a mandrel and then activating the start sequence. (Each mandrel is designed specifically to the containers internal mouth dimensions to provide optimum fit and rotation
during the lip rolling stage.) The container begins spinning and a heater arm is moved inward to a pre-set position to heat the lip of the container. At the completion of the heat cycle the heater arm is retracted and the roller arm with mandrel is set in motion to roll the lip of the product. Electrical, pneumatic and mechanical functions are controlled by timers and stops to achieve a repeatable process.


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