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LR-2000 & LR-2000S Lip Rollers

LR-2000 & LR-2000S Lip Rollers
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High-Speed and Quality Through Multiple Screw
Lip Rolling Performance

Brown Machine Model LR-2000 and LR-2000S Lip Rollers are designed to roll or curl lips on round, thermoformed containers. The LR-2000 is designed for products from traditional materials such as polystyrene and APET. These units are operating in production at rates in excess of 3,500 cups per minute in polystyrene and 2,500 cups per minute in polypropylene. The product is fed onto a conveyor belt which delivers the product to the crowd rollers. The crowd rollers spin the stack of parts and feeds them through the oven section to the curling screws. Curling screws capture the parts, roll the lip, and feed them out of the machine. The curling screws can be rapidly changed by simply tilting the oven and replacing the curling screw sleeves. The modular type construction provides easy maintenance for removal of the oven, in-feed head and discharge screw. Easy access belt sheave allows for a full range of speed changes. All this allows for fast product-to-product changes. The end result is high quality lip rolling performance at high speed.

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