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LR-5 Lip Roller

LR-5 Lip Roller
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Affordable and Reliable Lip Rolling Equipment

The LR-5 is an entry-level single screw lip roller designed to roll or curl lips on round, thermoplastic containers at the rate of 500 to 2000 units per minute. Containers can be fed by hand or automatically by a customized Brown Transfer Conveyor. Product specific screw and cages permit the LR-5 to handle containers from a 2”(51mm) diameter to a 5”(127mm) diameter and accommodate different stacking heights. Nested stacks of containers are fed horizontally into the roller and conveyed through the unit without any de-nesting. The crowd roller assembly moves the stack of product through the oven section into the screw and cage assembly. The oven section preheats the containers utilizing a PID control system. (An optional temperature control unit can be used to control the temperature of the water pumped through the cored curling screw.) After rolling, the containers are discharged into a horizontal trough. Varying the bead height is easy. The screw is manually adjustable both up and down and in the angled direction via a micro adjustment from a set reference point. A variable speed drive permits the unit to be synchronized with various feed sources such as a Brown Machine trim press. The standard Brown Machine Model LR-5 is set up for a 6” (152mm) screw length.


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