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PH Series Pre-Heater Ovens for Thermoforming Machines

Pre-Heater Ovens for Thermoforming Machines
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Brown Machine Pre-Heater Ovens Allow Material To Expand Naturally

Brown Machine offers a complete range of Pre-Heater Ovens that allow high heat materials (such as polypropylene) to expand naturally prior to entering into the pin chain of the thermoforming machine; therefore eliminating distortion within the sheet and reducing sag. The unit is designed to utilize minimal floor space, is positioned at the infeed end of the thermoforming machine, and is equipped with a variety of user friendly features. An easy, straight-thru, thread-up design with variable speed rollers moves the sheet vertically through the oven to allow even heating from both sides and synchronizes the heated material with the thermoforming machine. The PH-74 model contains a dual oven arrangement to provide maximum oven heat time and minimize overall unit height. A quartz panel oven with multiple control zones provides precise heating of the right, center and left sides of the sheet. The oven is mounted on a roll away carriage for thread-up, maintenance and the ability to remove the heat source. A PLC processor with push button controls and a separate main disconnect make the pre-heater a complete stand alone solution.


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