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Red Hot Brown: The new addition at McClarin Plastics

“In the plastics business, it’s all about even wall thickness and more consistent part thickness. Brown Machine knows that means precise control of the heating process. The quartz ovens they built for us delivered that control.”

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Brown solves thermoformers retention problem

"The confidence, control and repeatability we get from the Brown machine allows us to work better with the material vendor and lets the vendor make changes to allow a wider window for production,"

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World class food packager’s needs met by Brown

"The market expects us to be efficient on both logo and complete tool changeovers. We made a major investment in timesaving features because we knew it will pay us back each time we do a changeover. That is why purchasing the Brown Machines with their host of features has proven to be a good investment for our future.”

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Brown’s specific, customized design delivers flexibile solution

“In my experience, the Brown brand has meant a high quality machine, dependable, easy to operate which allows us a tremendous amount of flexibility in producing parts to meet our customers’ requirements.”

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