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Red Hot Brown - The new additions at McClarin Plastics

McClarin Plastics wants to let you in on a little secret. They love their Brown Machine advanced-technology, single-station ovens.

Scott Crandall, Director of Quality and Advanced Technology at McClarin Plastics (Hanover, PA) puts it all in perspective, “In the plastics business, it’s all about even wall thickness and more consistent part thickness. Brown Machine knows that means precise control of the heating process. The quartz ovens they built for us delivered that control.”

McClarin Plastics is currently using Brown Machines to produce thermoformed products for several industries including construction, farming and agriculture, and the service industry.

The Brown single-station oven

  • Can handle molds up to 8' x 12' with a 70" draw

  • Produces a smoother cosmetic part for both female and male parts because of the depth of draw box

  • Is designed so multiple molds may be run at the same time

  • Allows cycle adjustments by time, temperature and sag

  • Facilitates quicker turnaround times
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