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Brown Machine lip rollers are used to roll or curl lips on round containers. Lip Rollers are available in one, three, and four screw configurations to accommodate a wide range of products and sizes. From prototype to advanced high speed lip rollers, Brown can provide the right machine to fit your requirement. Whether your product is produced from polystyrene, polyethylene, APET, polypropylene, PLA or other materials, ask how we can help you with a quality lip rolled container.


If you are looking for a machine to produce lab environment prototype containers, look to our LR-1 machine. This is a cost effective approach to evaluating new products.

The LR-5 is an entry level, affordable and reliable single screw lip roller.

LR-2000 & LR-2000S
For high speed, optimal roll characteristics and advanced features, look to the LR-2000 Series to provide high quality lip rolling performance. The LR-2000 is designed for products from traditional materials such as polystyrene and APET, while the LR2000S is designed for special products such as polypropylene.

Our ability does not stop with just the machine. We offer an in-depth engineered approach to the design and manufacture of the curling screws, and our trained process technicians will help you achieve your roll requirements.


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