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Elite Series LS Trim Press

elite series ls trim press
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The Highest Level of Production Efficiencies in the Industry

Faster production output with high performance/high speed trimming is now achievable by utilizing the Elite Series Trim Press. These new machines are packed with a host of features: Brown’s balanced main frame assembly, enhanced linear guided platen systems, neutral link counterbalance systems, advanced canopy systems, cammed servo feed systems, servo driven treadles, servo ejectors, and efficient drive systems. Elite Series machines are designed and engineered to run fast without sacrificing trim quality or machine durability.

For faster tool changeovers, Brown has designed new features and re-engineered components to achieve the fastest changeover times in the industry. These innovations include full safety guards that provide easy accessibility for maintenance and tool changeover, side loading capabilities, EZ-adjust crank throws, fine adjust platen parallelism, drop-away release connecting rods, treadle lift, canopy retraction, and automated controls for tool change positioning. Match this trim press with Brown’s technological leading Quad Series Thermoformer and you will take production efficiencies to the highest level in the industry.thermoforming machinesthermoforming machines


                                                                                                         APET Cup Line                   30 Minute Tool Change


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