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LP/LDP-Model Horizontal Trim Press

LP/LPD-Model Horizontal Trim Press
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Extended Stroke Capabilities for Deep Draw Products

Our LP- and LDP-Model horizontal trim presses are designed with additional stroke length to pre-punch and trim deep draw containers in a progressive trim application. This increased stroke capability coupled with the precise linear guiding of the platens, eliminates the need for an intermediate trim press to pre-punch. Platen rocking due to offset tool loads is no longer a factor, extending die life. Taller moving platens are provided to support these progressive trim tools and an expanded side window opening allows side loading of die sets with pre-punch/ perimeter trim capabilities. A Powerful VFD motor and drive system is coupled to the flywheel for platen movement and trim force. Quick-change features on the LP and LPD dramatically reduce tool changeover time increasing productivity and efficiency. Available in mechanical and servo feed
systems. A user-friendly control system makes complicated jobs easy.

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