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Vertical Trim Press V-Series

Vertical Trim Press V-Series
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The High Speed Vertical Trim Press with High Speed Changeover

Brown Machine’s V-Series Vertical Trim Presses are a continuous web, vertical acting, matched metal punch and die press. The press incorporates servo systems within the drive, feed, treadle, ejector and product lift table which results in high speed, precise trimming, accurate counting and integrated product handling. The fastest tool changeover in the industry is accomplished by process recipe recall, side load tool capabilities, and quick change features within both the treadle and platen areas. V-Series Trim Presses also have features like adjustable stroke settings for 4”(102mm) and 6”(152mm) part heights, quick change and easily adjustable sheet guides, and run speeds up to 160 cycles per minute (with options).

Product handling and counting are also available as options.


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